One year, 158 posts, 2,875 comments and a lot of spam

I started blogging one year ago today, on April 13, 2010. This was my first post:

Mysterious ways

One mystery I bet they won’t answer on Lost is why everyone knows how to make torches. No one in the real world can make a torch. You sure couldn’t.

It was just a test, like blowing into the microphone and asking, “Is this thing on?”

Looking for a blog topic. (Library of Congress)

I began blogging because I wanted to learn more about setting up a website and keeping it going. I also wanted to distinguish myself from other people who were online and shared my name.

I’d planned on making this a professional site, which is why I used my own name, but I then I began posting things about the kids, instead, and, well, here we are.

One of the nice things about hosting the blog at is WordPress has a feature called Freshly Pressed.

Every weekday morning, WordPress showcases about a dozen blogs on its home page. A few times, the editors at WordPress decided to feature my blog. I don’t know why, but it’s great when it happens. Suddenly, complete strangers were reading my stuff. Of course, most of them disappeared the next day, but a few stuck around, and that’s really nice. If you’re one of them, thanks.

On him, it works. (AMC)

Other than the pieces that were Freshly Pressed, the post that’s gotten the most clicks by far has been one about why guys don’t wear fedoras any more.

I said it’s OK for guys to wear baseball caps. You can’t wear a baseball cap with a suit, but if you wear a fedora, you risk looking like a hipster or Indiana Jones.

Ordinary guys in a fedoras do not look like Don Draper (left).

Several people commented that guys in their part of the world do still wear fedoras, so I gave it a shot.

I bought a felt hat at Eddie Bauer. I haven’t worn it a lot, but it’s better than a baseball cap. I never wear it with my leather jacket, though, because there’s nothing as sad as a grown man going to Lowe’s on a Saturday morning dressed like Indiana Jones — and that, my friends, is a fact.

On me, not so much.

42 thoughts on “One year, 158 posts, 2,875 comments and a lot of spam

  1. Did you ever find out how they knew how to make torches? My dad always wore a fedora, just like every other man back then (except several exceptions like Indians.) But he didn’t smoke or drink or look like Don Draper or sound like him or work on Mad Ave. or have artistic backgrounds following him around. But he did have a secret in his past.

  2. Congrats! I started blogging in the mid-90s, when you had to know some HTML. Mostly, I skived it from better bloggers (view>source>copy>paste!). After a few years of that, I stopped (for a big, dramatic reason that I’ll pass now).

    When I recommenced, I tried lj. I’ve tried Tumblr, love Posterous for my vlog (video-blogging) and can’t get into dreamwidth.

    I went with Vox as my “modern”/ easy blogging service in 2006 (like myspace for grownups with no sparkly-flashing BS) but their technical issues shooed me over to WP in 2009. I think it’s interesting how we all hop around the net.

      1. Blogger is simple, which is nice. LJ has more “connection” amongst other blogs, which is its greatest “asset.” It was sort of the blog-FB before FB (and myspace). I never did myspace and hate FB but it’s too big to not use. :(

  3. Happy first blogging birthday!
    And, while I agree with your observation that going to Lowe’s looking like Indy is sad, I would rather see that than some of the questionable “outfits” I’ve been witness to. Muscle shirts only look remotely good if you actually have any muscles and slippers should never be worn beyond your driveway.

  4. Happy Blogiversary, Todd! I’m happy that we found each other (can’t remember who found who!). Sending you a virtual brownie…hope you like it!

    Yup…I’d like to know the secret of getting the FP fans to “stick”!

    I too would love to see you in your fedora!


  5. Well done! I appreciate the effort you’ve put into your blog. It is the best reading on the web. Do I smell a book coming down the road – perhaps like a quilt of your blog?? Hmmm. . . I’d buy one. Happy oneaversary. Excellent.

  6. I want to see the hat modeled :) Love reading your posts and hope that they will continue. You are such a great dad and I love to hear about ways you spend time with your kids. What an awesome example you set for the rest of us in blogland. Blessings, Jeanne

  7. A very happy blogging birthday to you, Todd Pack. I’d never have guessed your blog was an Aries; I had it pegged as a laid-back Taurus, only without the stubbornness.

    Here’s to many more years of smart, witty, entertaining and insightful posts from your messy desk. And good luck with the Fedora; if it makes a comeback, we’ll credit you and Jon Hamm.

  8. I’ve been at it more than a year, but I don’t have your dedication and therefore fewer posts. I always loved column-writing at the newspaper, though, and this is just an editor-free version of that! FREEDOM!

    Anyway, congrats, and especially on getting WordPress’ attention so many times. They appear to have me on permanent ignore.

  9. I didn’t realize you were only coming up on a year. You’re smooth enough to appear as a more seasoned blogger. Congrats on the milestone and keep the good stuff coming!

  10. Congratulations on your blogoversary Todd. I too started my blog thinking it would be professional – I was going to enlighten the world about taking better care of their health. Instead I write about socks without partners, WWE and cleaning my self-cleaning oven, which in retrospect turned out better.

    So why do they always know how to make torches? It’s in the script silly. Anyway, in real life, those torches are never that easy to make and continually blow out. Keep your torch going fedora man!

  11. Consider yourself lucky. I’ve never been freshly pressed, and I too have blogged religiously for over a year.

    My most popular post is about how my sneakers betrayed me on one of my walks by suddenly deciding to chafe my ankles, leaving my bloody and limping. I don’t know why this post got so much traffic.

    The one about me falling down is much funnier.

    1. Hi, tlf! Thanks for coming by! It’s weird, the things that click with people. I guess this means a lot of people have had the same problem with their sneakers and they’re looking for answers. The other search that seems to drive people here is “little plastic baseball helmets.” I mentioned once how ice cream always tastes better when you’re at the ballpark eating it out of little plastic baseball helmets.

  12. Is anyone else living in an area where some teenage boys wear their pants so low they can hardly walk???? It looks absolutely ridiculous but they think they look so cool??!! I just don’t get it. . .

    1. These kids today, with their baggy pants and their loud music. Why, in my day we wore skinny ties from Chess King and checkerboard sneakers and listened to synthesizer bands on a cassette Walkman, and we LIKED it!

      Also, you kids get off my lawn!

  13. Congrats on your one-year anniversary. May you and your blog stay together for many years to come. Glad you nixed the professional site idea. I enjoy reading your personal reflections.

    This is what I don’t understand: In the evolutionary context, women’s fashions would already be human, while men’s fashions are somewhere around the lizard stage. Considering how little things have changed for men, why is one of the best features of a well-dressed man (the fedora) hovering dangerously close to extinction?

    Thanks for your conservation effort!!

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