‘Champ, wake up!’ (the scientifically-proven saddest scene ever)

Scientists have discovered the saddest movie in the world.

It’s 1979 remake of “The Champ,” specifically the ending where (spoiler alert) a boxer (played by Jon Voight) collapses after a fight and dies in front of his adoring son (played by a 9-year-old Ricky Schroder).

“The Champ” isn’t a good movie. It scored only a 38% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

But according to a story in Smithsonian, the last scene is used by scientists who want to make people sad so they can study how sadness affects behavior.

Scientists were looking for an ethical way to elicit sadness (apparently, telling subjects that something bad just happened to┬áthe family dog isn’t ethical), so they screened 250 movies and came up with 78 clips, which they tested on about 500 subjects.

Some clips elicited mixed emotions or affected people differently, but this scene, according to science, is the saddest thing ever (or maybe it just causes people’s allergies to act up).

11 thoughts on “‘Champ, wake up!’ (the scientifically-proven saddest scene ever)

  1. There’s a scene in “Hope Floats” where they just buried Gramma and Daddy is leaving to go back home where his girfriend/Mom’s ex BFF live and the little girl scrambles to pack her stuff so she can go home with Daddy but he just keeps taking her out of the car and removing her things and Mom (Sandra Bullock) just stands there watching this unfold because she knows what an ASS Daddy is and the poor little girl is frantic and then he finally drives off without her and she stands there sobbing until Mom walks down the steps and scoops her up and brings her back inside.


    Gets me every time.

  2. I can’t read this post. Seeing the title in my in box made me tear up. I know exactly the movie and scene you’re talking about and it is tied with Sophie’s Choice in my mind as cinematic experiences I shall never, ever re-live. I’m off in search of tissues now. Good day, sir.

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