(Almost) wordless Wednesday: ‘Used cows,’ and other signs of the times

Here’s a sign on Interstate 65, south of Elizabethtown, Kentucky:

This is a great sign. It’s memorable and clear as a bell. Guy’s got cattle to sell. Here’s the number.

We should all write as well. 

This a sign on Charlotte Pike in Nashville:

Sorry it’s blurry. I shot it with my crappy phone.

If you’re having trouble reading it, it says, “Sanitary Barber Shop.”

I didn’t realize this was an issue, but maybe people were concerned about conditions at other barber shops in the area, so the owner of this barber shop thought it was important to tell everyone his shop is clean.

I mean, by naming his business the Sanitary Barber Shop, he must believe that cleanliness is the thing that gives him an edge over the competition.

And he might be right.

You don’t see a lot of barber shops anymore, and this one’s still in business.

Finally, here’s a sign I saw inside a local Target a while back:

Only in Tennessee, right?

Actually, the store was being remodeled. They’d moved the merchandise but hadn’t gotten around to moving the signs.

Unless beer now counts as an energy drink.

15 thoughts on “(Almost) wordless Wednesday: ‘Used cows,’ and other signs of the times

  1. There was a Sanitary Food Market in my neighborhood when I was a child. I always found the name ironic, long before I knew the word ironic.

    I wonder if the local kids ever thought of relocating that “Used Cows” sign to the nearest McDonald’s.

  2. Energy Drinks. Classic!!
    Thing about used cows is that if you get two that like each other enough, they can make you a brand new cow.

  3. Love the energy drink selection – I always like it when retailers can keep an open mind about things. And Etown… it’s been too long since we’ve visited.

  4. Ha ha ha… these sure drive the point straight home. I love the first one. Says volumes of how clear-headed the cow-seller in the context is. I wish more people would learn from him. We’d have less people beating around the bush that way.

  5. Aha, it’s an energy drink. So that’s how my husband gets by with his purchases and consumption. Love the Used Cows sign. I’m with Jim in that I only want the ones that are already house-trained.

  6. Love these! Here in Seattle in the sprawling complex that is Pike Place Market, you’ll see one building labeled “Sanitary Public Market.” Which always makes me think…”and the rest of the food here is…?”

    My favorite sign ever was near my hometown in Jackson, MS. It was a huge banner that read: “Cemetery Now Open!” Gotta love that exclamation point!!

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