We’ve been ‘boo-ed’

Once upon a school night dreary, as I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a volume of my daughter’s school book chores,
While I tried, with waning patience, to help her learn, I heard the cadence
Of the doorbell gently ringing, ringing at the downstairs door
“Must be teenagers,” I muttered, “ringing at the downstairs door —
“Just some kids, and nothing more.”

I don’t know who rang the doorbell just after dark last night, because they rang and ran, but they left behind a pumpkin-shaped tin filled with Halloween candy, and a note:

“You’ve Been BOO-ed.”

Beneath that was a poem, explaining what this Halloween trick was about:

The phantom ghost has come to town
To leave some goodies… I see you’ve found.
If you wish to make this a happier fall…
Continue this greeting, this phantom call….

The note, downloaded from a website called beenbooed.com, included a sign to put in our window, telling other potential phantom ghosts that we’d already been booed, and encouraged us to leave an anonymous treat on the front porches of 2 more neighbors.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 started speculating about which of their friends might have left the candy on the porch and deciding which of their friends to target tonight.

I don’t know who started this tradition, but it’s gone national. According to beenbooed.com, the most popular “booing” states are California and Texas, while the least popular is South Dakota.

Our state is somewhere in the middle of the list, but Thing 1 and Thing 2 were so excited by the mystery of who left the candy on our porch and the fun of deciding which of their friends to prank that they might push our state into the Top 10 all by themselves.

22 thoughts on “We’ve been ‘boo-ed’

  1. Too funny! I’ve never heard of this one — probably because my son is way out of the Trick-or-Treating age group. Nevertheless, I can see the fun in it — and the challenge! At least it’s “harmless” — not like egging — so get out there and carry on, Wayward Soldier!

    1. I grew up in eastern Kentucky. In addition to egging, kids liked to cut down trees and blog the roads. The twisting, mountain roads with no shoulders and, in some places, no guard rails. Good times … good times.

  2. love the blog i think its a great new trend for halloween hope it catches on over here my house is like halloween all year long with dragons reapers bats and all other gothic elements but i love it xxjen

  3. I TOTALLY forgot about this! I remember seeing this as a kid, only 1 time back in the late 80’s. I think it became popular after I was too old, but WHAT FUN!

    I’m so going to do this with my 7 and 5 year old. I LOVE the month of October and Halloween.

    Thank you for reminding me of this fun, giving activity! I’m gonna have to hit the $1.00 Target Bin and 99cent stores!

    Lake Forest, CA

    1. They didn’t do this when I was a kid, although a couple years, I remember someone dropping an M-80 in our Jack-o-lantern and blowing it up. Good times … good times.

  4. Our neighborhood does this each year and the kids love it. The only thing that I don’t like is that everytime we are booed I have to make a late night trip to Walmart to get something to “boo others” with since I always forget that I have to do it until the last moment.

    1. It doesn’t work, though, if you’re a zombie, because you have to ring and run, and zombies sort of shamble. Takes some of the suspense out of it. “What was at the door?” “Probably that zombie shambling through the yard.” Shamble.

  5. I’m actually surprised my neighborhood doesn’t do this. My co-worker told me about this last year as her’s does. She found it to be a pain, while her kids loved it of course. What, pray tell, was in the box? Just wondering, in case this actually does happen to me since I’ve got to go on over to ye olde walmart this week anyway, I might pick up some extra “stuff” just in case. I would probably be the scrooge (does that apply to halloween? The witch?) who would get it and not do it in return. Mostly from laziness.

    1. It turns out our Secret Satan was a little girl around the corner who likes Things 2, so he got a full-sized Hershey bar, while the rest of us got Halloween-sized Twix and Snicker’s.

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