Play a game of Monopoly in just 30 minutes? Where’s the fun in that?

Concerned, apparently, that the generation raised on smartphones and YouTube lacks the attention span to play regular Monopoly, Hasbro is coming out with a version called Monopoly Empire that’s supposed to last 30 minutes, start to finish.

I understand what Hasbro’s going for here. When I was a kid, I wasn’t a fan of the game because it took forever. I’d bail after a couple of hours, and I was never around when it ended.

But, then, a few Christmases ago, Thing 1 got a Monopoly game for Christmas. It came in a wooden box, and everything except the logo in the center of the board is retro. It was nice, as Monopoly sets go.

My wife had to work over Christmas break, so I stayed home and decided to give the game a second chance.

Thing 1 set up the board on the dining room table. We played a couple of hours that first day. We bought and developed property, went to jail and collected $200 when we passed go.

I thought we must be missing something, because neither of us were going broke, so sometime on Day 2, we checked the rules, and it wasn’t my imagination.

When you play it the right way, the winner is simply “the last player remaining in the game,” whenever that might be.

Our game lasted a week and ended in a tie, when Thing 1 went back to school and I went to work. I had a little more money than my daughter did, but neither of us had anything close to a Monopoly, which was OK.

Sometimes, the point isn’t to win. Sometimes, the point is just to play.

7 thoughts on “Play a game of Monopoly in just 30 minutes? Where’s the fun in that?

  1. A couple friends of mine were super cheaters – at almost any game we ever played, no matter what it was. But we did have some fun Monopoly games anyway. I am not a risk-taker in real life, but I have been known to take big risks in the game of Monopoly. That is part of the fun too, but still, I think it would be neat to just keep going and going!

  2. I remember playing Monopoly once or twice and liking the metal playing pieces, especially fascinated by the iron.

    I wonder if anyone’s working on speed-chess or ten-minute jigsaw puzzles and, more to your point, why.

  3. Very nice post. The very young don’t always have the patience/concentration for anything that takes a long time, especially if it’s something they have to think about — even more so today. When I was, say, 5 years old I had no patience for Monopoly after, yes, about that first half hour — but even so, I learned a lot… and with the help of my parents and older siblings, I mustered up more and more patience and began to enjoy the game entirely. I’d like to see some more effort in that area — for us all to work at concentrating a bit more on shared activities like board games, and at focusing on one another for more than just a few, quick moments :)

  4. Man, I love the days of playing this game with family and friends. Always took big risks, often lost. Well, I was pretty young. It’s actually quite fascinating when these games take several hours or days. I remember leaving the board on the living room table and continuing the game the next day. Great memories. I always chose the race car, by the way. Thanks for the memories!

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