The porcelain panda nobody wanted

pandaI was dusting a while back when I found this porcelain panda on a bookshelf. I couldn’t remember seeing him before (I’m assuming it’s a boy panda), so I asked my wife about him.

She couldn’t remember seeing him before, either.


“I think he was my grandmother’s.”

“Which one?”

“I don’t know.”

“How’d he get here?”

“I don’t know.”

“Can I sell him on eBay?”


I figured someone out there probably collects Goebel porcelain pandas, but no one wanted him.

He was kind of cute, so I put him on the shelf in Thing 2’s room. Over the weekend, Thing 2 decided to clear his room of baby stuff  (he’s about to turn 7 and isn’t a baby anymore), so the panda is now homeless again.

Clearly, the panda didn’t magically appear in our home. Someone made a conscious decision to bring him in and place him on the shelf, probably because, at the time, he had sentimental value, although not enough that anyone can remember why we thought he was worth keeping.

I should go ahead and toss him, but I can’t, because he’s become the Panda We Keep Moving from Room to Room Because No One Wants Him. He has a backstory. He’s become part of family lore.

Besides, look at those eyes. How could I throw out something with such big eyes?