tpPR guy, used to work in newspapers. Soccer dad. Basketball dad. Likes to build things. Decent cook.

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Mitchell Hale

    Hey Todd. It is great reading your musings. It reminds me a lot of your dad. In fact, I am not so sure that 1st grader and the glue stick wasn’t me. It would not surprise me in the least. Anyway, good luck and keep up the great commentary on your “slice of life”.

  2. flyinggma

    Love the “Mayberry” reference and can relate living in a small town of 400 not far from Garrison Keillor”s fictious Lake Wobegon. We go stockcar racing almost every Friday night and call NASCAR “Napscar” at our house because the guys all fall asleep during the race and wake up for the last 20 laps or so.

  3. Liz Kearney

    Hi, Todd, I stumbled on your book about Jenny Wiley.I’m one of her gazillion descendants, through one of her granddaughters, who married a Webb, who was my great-grandfather’s grandfather, if I’ve got that correct. Are you related to her, too?

    My grandmother used to hint at “Indian blood” in our past, but would never elaborate. I’m wondering if there isn’t some truth to the story that Jenny’s first child after her return was the result of rape.

    Anyway, I’m interested in reading your book. I’ll track it down either through Amazon o a library.


    Liz Kearney

    • Todd

      Thanks, Liz! If you’re related to Jenny Wiley, then you and I are definitely related, however distantly. The book’s on Amazon, BN.com, and pretty much every other online bookstore, and it’s in the Kindle store. Hope you like it!

  4. Starchild

    Love the reference… especially the “rasslin”! Too funny!!! I have to agree that I am more Mayberry and Sweet Tea than Rasslin as well! Although my dad is a diehard Nascar fan…can tear him away from it…falls asleep in the recliner every Sunday! Im from SC and now live in So Cal… it is crazy to meat country folks turned transplants and to hear their stories…

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